Time 1

She was born into a family of musicians for generations, at the age of 2 she began studying the piano and at 11 years after seeing a concert where the mother sang accompanied by the orchestra she fell in love with the violin and started to study it.


Time 2

At 14 she auditioned for the conservatory and from there her life changed.


Time 3

After graduating from the conservatory and having obtained numerous masters she started with the pop genre. playing for national TVs, in tour with famous pop singers national and international


Time 4

Her love for classic music however, never died, in 2019 she auditioned for the Zurich Symphony and passed it playing the role of adjunct in the orchestra as first violin, performing in mani concerts at the Tonhalle Maag in Zurich


Time 5

She moved in London where she founded a school, teachs and organizes concerts